About contest

The international contest show of work of students of glass design and glass making schools Sanssouci Junior Glass Match has been regularly held in Karlovy Vary since 2008. Every year dozens of students of Czech as well as foreign schools take part in it. The contest organizer is Spa Resort Sanssouci, which aims to motivate students of fields of studies focused on artistic glass processing and to promote original glass work and art education in the field.

The contest has two age categories. The younger students category is for students of secondary technical schools. The older students category is for students of colleges and universities. Three prizes are awarded in each category. Moreover, a winner of a special prize for the quality of craftsmanship is announced. In 2012 aspecial prize of the organizer was awarded. The contest director is Mr. Jaroslav Polanecký from the Faculty of Art and Design of Jan Evangelista Purkyně University inÚstí nad Labem. The chairman of the contest committee, which every year includes renowned experts, is Mr. Milan Hlaveš from the Museum of Decorative Artsin Prague.

The choice of participants is the responsibility of school management, the number of participants from each school is not limited. There might be limitation if the number of all registered participants exceeded the capacity of the space. The usual number of participants from each school is approximately 5–7 students. A school may only register students who are currently studying there. Each participant may only register with one piece of work or an integral set made of glass during practice which is part of their studies. The works registered should represent the art direction of the school and its specific character. The contest may also be entered by works combining glass with other materials. The contest is not thematically limited and its aim is to demonstrate the technical, technological, craft and artistic practice at schools in the greatest possible width and variety. The committee assesses in particular the complex mastery of the work from the artistic as well as technical point of view.

 If interested in participating in the Sanssouci Junior Glass Match, please contact its director, Mr. Jaroslav Polanecký, by filling in the contact form.