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Spa Resort Sanssouci together with Hotel Imperial form part of the spa company Imperial Karlovy Vary, a.s., which has been one of the most successful providers of spa services in the Czech Republicsince its foundation in 1992. Imperial Karlovy Varymakes maximum possible use of natural healing resources for treatment. In long term, this makes it the largest user of Karlovy Varythermal mineral water for healing purposes. Given the superior quality of its flagship product, which is medically conceived complex spa care, Imperial Karlovy Vary became in 2006 the first ever holder of the Czech Spa Award as well as the Award of the Spa Festival jury in 2008, Award of the Czech Healing Spa Association 2009 and the Award of the City of Karlovy Vary in 2009.

Over the last few years, Imperial Karlovy Vary has invested CZK 860 million into its facilities. Thanks to this, both its hotels have repeatedly been conferred prestigious Czech Republic’s Leading Spa Resort award by the World Travel Awards association; the Spa Resort Sanssouci received the award in 2010, 2011 and 2012. You can have a look at the best Czech spa hotel in our video/photo gallery.

Apart from the Sanssouci Junior Glass Match, the spa company Imperial Karlovy Vary also supports other cultural activities. These include regular jazz concerts in the Club Imperial and contemporary art exhibitions in the Imperial Gallery and the Sun Gallery. A project unique in the CzechRepublicis the one of long-term cooperation with the young generation of Czech designers on the modernization of Czech spa environment, which is called Imperial Design Symposium and has been running since 2007. Its aim is to further develop the traditional connection of spas with the world of culture and arts and promote both Czech healing spas and Czech design.


Spa Resort Sanssouci History

Spa Resort Sanssouci in its current form originated in 2009. Its story, however, reaches deep into the past due to historical buildings Sanssouci andSwiss Court.

According to records from 1835, on the site of today's Green House there used to be a half‑timbered house and later a farmstead Schweitzer Hof (Swiss Court). In connection with the growing number of visitors of the city in the second half of the 19th century, it became a popular restaurant and café. From 1937 on the only building in operation was the restaurant namedSwiss Court, which served as a reserve hospital of the SS units. After the war it was in desolate conditions and it was confiscated by the Czechoslovak state. In 1950 theSwiss Courtbuilding became part of the state's Imperial sanatorium and two wings were added to it, where the spa staff lived. After reconstruction in 1969 a spa sanatoriumSwiss Courtwas established, which in 1999 passed into the ownership of Imperial Karlovy Vary and within its investment plans it became part of the modern Spa Resort Sanssouci in 2009 after an extensive renovation.

The Blue House is much younger, it was built as a sanatorium Sanssouci in 1970 only a few dozens of metres above theSwiss Court. And as it often is in life, who is younger is usually also more carefree – sans souci means carefree. It was built in just 18 months in the generous style of seaside resorts and it served primarily for the treatment of Czechoslovak patients. In 1999 Sanssouci passed into the ownership of Imperial Karlovy Vary and its name is preserved in the name Spa Resort Sanssouci, of which the Blue House and Green House are an integral part.

During the first stage of the "Spa Resort Sanssouci" project, between 2002 and 2003 an underground corridor was built, connecting the Sanssouci hotels and the Swiss Court with the Villa Mercedes, where a modern spa centre was established with an architecturally interesting design of the rehabilitation pool building. Thanks to the corridor, guests can nowadays stay, undergo treatment, relax, do sports and have fun conveniently under one roof.

In the second stage of the project, the Sanssouci hotel was renovated in 2005. At the same time, an exhibition space SunGallery was created in the hotel lobby, dominated by a glass sculpture of the solar system. Works of Czech glass masters are displayed there all year round.

Funds from the European Regional Development Fund, intended to improve the quality of accommodation and boarding, helped Imperial Karlovy Vary carry out the third stage of the project in early 2009. Nowadays, Spa Resort Sanssouci provides hotel services in a four‑star standard and comfortable and elegant accommodation in the categories Standard,Superior, Suite and Deluxe Suite. For a better idea – only the quarters with 634 beds in 360 rooms occupy an area of 8,000 square meters.


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